Congratulations to the 2020 scholarship recipients! 

2020 Larry Joe Smith Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Gracie Kae Kempken

2020 Gwen Bruns Scholarship Recipient

Mary Jenna Lloyd

Texas Junior

Brangus Breeders


2020 TBBA Scholarships Recipient

​​Scholarship Recipient
Gracie Kae Kempken

2020 Pat Pinch

 Scholarship Recipient

Mary Jenna Lloyd


Each year, graduating seniors have the opportunity to apply for the many different scholarships that are available by the Texas Brangus Breeders Association, the Gwen Bruns Family, the Joe Lingg Family, and the Pat Pinch family.  Applications are completed and sent to the scholarship committee for review.  The committee then announces the scholarship recipients at the state show banquet.

The scholarship forms are now available on the forms tab.  Please check each application package for detailed instructions and due dates.