Reserve Cow/Calf Pair 

Reserve Percentage Heifer  

Pee Wee Showmanship

Reserve Bred & Owned Bull  

Texas Junior

Brangus Breeders



TJBBA would like congratulate our champions on their success in the show ring during the 2020 State Show held in Bryan, TX.

Champion Owned Heifer  

Senior Showmanship

Champion Owned Bull 

Reserve Bred & Owned Heifer  

Junior Showmanship

Champion Cow/Calf Pair 

Champion Bred & Owned Heifer  

Champion Owned Red Bull 

Intermediate Showmanship

Reserve Red Heifer 

Novice Showmanship

Champion Ultra Heifer 

Reserve Ultra Heifer 

Reserve Owned Heifer

Champion Bred & Owned Bull  

Champion Percentage Heifer  

Reserve Owned Red Bull 

Champion Red Heifer 

Reserve Owned Bull